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I was in her office discussing something and obviously Sherri come in the front door.

At first she went to her desk but it wasn't long before she walked in and rudely interrupted saying "I need to say something about that", gave her opinion which had nothing to do with what we were discussing.

Walking into an automotive dealership for the very first time can be imtimidating whether you are a customer or a job applicant.

Brandi apologized for the way Sherri spoke and said she must have misunderstood our conversation.

I explained it was not her place to apologize and that Sherri had no right listening to our conversation anyway.

Planning a party is not as easy as everybody thinks.

Parties, such as, dinner parties, birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are one of life's most wonderful times.


This serves two functions; it keeps the report small enough so that it is not too imtimidating, and it allows the reader to focus on the big picture.

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