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“I understand so much more now, the situation that you were in when it came to Lauren and me, and (I have) just so much more respect for you because it is not easy.” Bushnell in the end was comforted by the brunch date.

At the Mohegan Sun's 20th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, the -born couple revealed to E!

Thinking back to that time, it’s not very fun for me.” When Jo Jo and her ex-QB fiance, who proposed to her in the August finale of the ABC hit, entered the restaurant, hugs were exchanged, and then Higgins raised his mimosa to make a very large understatement by way of a toast.

“I understand this could be a little awkward,” he said. To all of us moving forward.” An open letter to "The Bachelorette" villain Chad Johnson After an uncomfortable silence, the former “Bachelorette” hopped in to tell her former flame she could relate to him more now, having starred in a season of her own.

, Alex was either too busy defeating Chad (then becoming the New Chad) or he was complaining that he hadn't had a one-on-one date with Jo Jo yet.

On Monday night's episode, at least the latter was abated as Jo Jo granted Alex a solo date – and it just so happened to be the weirdest of the season.

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We need somebody to.” Mario replied, “I’ll be the ring bearer.” All kidding aside, the two are getting serious about whether they plan on starting a family.

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