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An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.Deliver Us from Evil won the Satellite Award for Best Documentary Film.'I'm embarrassed and I guess I'm just a model of how social media is tricky,' the actor said on Friday morning, debunking theories that the exchange had been either an April Fool's Day prank or part of a viral campaign for his latest film Franco did not address the fact that the object of his internet affection was half his age, but he was the one to bring up the incident on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' and said that he did not expect the conversation to be shared.Franco's admission this morning gave the controversy credibility after many initially thought it was a delayed April Fool's prank or some bizarre form of viral marketing for his upcoming film where Franco, playing a teacher, strikes up a sexual relationship with his teenage student, played by Emma Roberts.It is understood that Franco spotted Miss Clode taking the photos and shouted to her that she should put the photographs on the online picture-sharing site Instagram and ‘tag’ him so he would be alerted to them. : Lucy shared this photo in Times Square on Instagram.James' alleged actions could be to promote his new movie Palo Alto, in which he plays a soccer coach who seduces his 14-year-old babysitter It is worth noting that Franco’s next film is the story of a high school teacher who is dating one of his pupils – and several eagle-eyed online commentators last night floated the suggestion that the exchange with Miss Clode could be a sophisticated joke.à New York, est une actrice, styliste et mannequin américano-britannique.Elle est principalement connue pour ses rôles dans Layer Cake (2004), Irrésistible Alfie (2004), Factory Girl (2006), Interview (2007), The Edge of Love (2008), G. Joe : Le Réveil du Cobra (2009), Just Like a Woman (2012) et American Sniper (2015). Sa mère, Josephine, Britannique d'origine sud-africaine, est un ancien mannequin.

Elle a étudié à la Heathfield St Mary's School d'Ascot, puis à l'institut de Lee Strasberg pendant un an, à New York.

Elle pose également nue dans le Calendrier Pirelli de 2003.

En 2001, Sienna Miller fait ses débuts d'actrice dans le film South Kensington aux côtés de Rupert Everett et Elle Macpherson.

The world's heaviest man – who's spent six years confined to a bed – is finally set to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Juan Pedro Franco, who once weighed more than half a ton at 1,100lbs (595kg), has been on a three-month diet to prepare for the operation on May 9.

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'Unfortunately in my position, not only do I have to go through the embarrassing rituals of meeting someone, but if I do that, then it gets published for the world so it's doubly embarrassing,' he said.