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Maybe the truth is that the 2000 series is limited to only 7 cards! Robert Spencer Spencerport, NY Dear AC: I am preparing to go to the U. AMIGA NEWS: CDTV SEE PAGE 47 CONT ENTS Motorola 68030 microprocessor. Send article submissions in both manuscript and disk lormal with your name, address, telephone, and Social Security Number on each to the Associate Editor. Box 986 Veneta, OR 97487 Orders: (800) 828-9952 Customer Service: (503) 935-3709 EDITORIAL COMEM Commodore Announces CDTV THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES) held twice each year, has always been regarded as the first place to see and experience die consumer products that will shape our lives.See article entitled Apples, oranges and MIPS on 68030 accelerators. REVIEWS Pixound 18 by R, Shamms Mortier Now you can "hear'' what your eyes see. Requests for Author's Guides should be directed to the address listed above. Load save any file, read disk tracks, or disassemble directly from memory. Automated symbol creation: JSR *$ 1E(A6) becomes JSR _LVOOpen(A6) MOVE! L MODE_NEWFILE, D0 Virtually all Amiga symbol bases supported. Single-key fonward and backward referencing makes following subroutines easy! Many files may be successfully reassembled directly from Resource output. The massive size of its internal tables boggles the mind. At CES everything from FAX phones to car stereos are shown to the large number of store buyers, investors, and press who gather every six months to see what direction the world is taking.10X UX 18X / 12X 16X 20X 22X 26 X 30X 24 X 28X 32 X The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks to the generosity of: National Library of Caneda L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit gr4ce d la g6n6rosit6 de: Bibliothdque nationale du Canada The images appearing here are the best quality possible considering the condition and legibility of the original copy and in keeping with the filming contract specifications. — oi has the sound of wa"w ■'» i.if^Ju r^xi-' memoir, soir'ee (swaw'-ra), escnw"^^ s'ltwaw^r^'-^t connoiseur is sounded k On-nls-ser. (, Uow'-8t Iks), but often pronounced a-kd' 8tllr« even 0/ orr »Fated sj Miakei-s. Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites aver le plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et de la nettet6 de l'exemplaire film6, et en conformit6 avec les conditions du contrat de fiimage. 51) THE AWARDS JURY The function of the Awards Jury is to: (1) see all the Festival entries that have been programmed for public screening, and others if they wish, (2) distribute the awards money, and (3) make up different programs of -winning films and highlights that are shown on Sunday night. We are honored to include these films in this year's Festival events. Remember, we're here to help the independant filmmaker in any way that we can. We don't have any money.) CONTENTS About the Festival 2 Festival Staff 3 Board of Director's Welcome 4 Festival Director's Welcome 5 A Love Letter to the Festival 6 Awards Jury 7 Awards 8 Festival Sponsors & Prize Donors 10 Festival Contributors & In-Kind Donors 11 Membership 12 Silent Auction 13 Festival Tour 14 Opening Gala & Fun Festival Extras 15 Around Town Events Associated with the Festival 16 Sidebar Programs 17 Film Program 23 Also Entered 36 Print Sources 39 Notes Page 64 Ap PROACHING MIDDLE AGE: THE ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL AT 40 A CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT & EXPERIMENTAL 16MM FILM As the oldest festival of experimental film in the United States, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a showplace for independent and experimental 16mm film.This year's Awards Jury: Connie Bosley, Independent Film Programmer and Broadcast Producer at W. Doner Advertising, Detroit Sarah Fitzsimmons, Manager of Corporate Affairs for Home Box Office, New York Jack Wright, Documentary Filmmaker and Media Arts Program Coordinator for the Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio SCREENING INFORMATION All screenings are held at the Michigan Theater: Tuesday pm, Wednesday through Saturday 7 & pm. Friday, March 24 at pm: Jack Wright presents a portion of his award winning documentary THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE. 10.5 .' DREAM LOGIC Kevin Havener 14 DRYADS David Ehrtich 3 DUPLICATING THE COPY FROM MEMORY Mchael Gi~in 35 DUSTY Jeff Shepherd 10.5 ELECTRIC JESUS Kyle Bergersen 6 EVOLUTION Bill Jarcho & Mark D'Oliveira EX NIHILO Everett Lewis 3.5 FINGERED Srinivas Krishna & C. Courtney 15 FIRE'SCAPES Oren Rudavsky/Richard Smigielski 29 FLAG DAY OBSERVED D. Kaufman 9 FLASHING Brooke Steytler 2.5 FLIGHT IN THE SHADOW Myron Murakar Ti 18 FOREVER MY DOG Ron Senkowski 31 432 FRAMES William Latham 30 FRAMES OF MIND Tony Deveny; 7 FROM HOME Mike Hoolboom 60 FROM SUNUP Maryknoll Wortd Productions 28 GABRIELLE'S STORY Patricia Romeu 20 GLI SPOSI Carta Mandolini & Livia Tortella 8 GRADIVA Sharon Couzin 30 GRANDMOTHER, WE LIVE IN DIFFERENT ROOMS, BUT THEY ARE IN. Founded in 1963 at the University of Michigan School of Art by filmmaker/artist George Manupelli, the festival is now independent of the university, and continues to cater to independent works by film artists under the direction of Festival Director Vicki Honeyman As the premiere festival of 16mm independent & experimental film, the Ann Arbor Film Festival exists to provide a worldwide public forum for 16mm film screenings, to encourage and showcase independent & experimental film artists, to promote film as art, and to offer educational outreach. We appreciate the state-of-the-art facilities provided by the Michigan Theater and its staff.Because the number of entries exceeds the public screening time, not every film can be programmed.Members of the Screening Committee are: Shoeless Joe, Meme Chose, Katrina Apski, Fred Q, Sachet Del Monaco, Marion Delgado, Joe Arrgghh (aka Mr. Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48913 Jis the o,,,,,.. 1919 734~ Congratulations to the Ann Arbor Film Festival for showcasing independent and experimental films for 40 years.

Perhaps the next Amiga could even sport dual video ports to allow monitoring of the control parameters of the video program it creates.CIHM Microfiche Series (Monographs) ICMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiq jas Ckf\A This Ced( 10X Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques qjes The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. Di (asunder), except in dilate, divers, and a few rare words. Re before a vowel, or when the word as a whole means to do again what the latter part denotes ; e.g., recount, to count again ; recount, to tell ; recreate^ to create anew ; ricreatef to refresh. Also before e mute, as in seethe, lithe, blithe, loaf he, and in the following plurals baths, paths, laths, truths, youths, oaths, sheaths, wreaths. Unaccented ce, Ci, ti before al, an, On, OUS, ent, ence represent the sound sh, as in ocean, optician, tertian, partial, herbaceous, spacious, conscience. D, handkerchief (h Sln'-ker-chlf, nothing-), Wednesday (wens- da). Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below. dl, too, in unaccented syllables, except in a few rare words. Before -ation ci- should be pronounced sh I-, not si, as pronunciation. G, gnat, coigne, sign, poignant, imbroglio (Im-bror-yo), seraglio(-r&l'y5), diaphragm(-fram), paradigm(-dlm), apothegm (&p'-o-th Sm), phlegm (fl Sm). In Juo'b, hospital, humble, the present usage is to pronounce the h. Q Coloured covers/ Couverture de couleur n Covers damaged/ Couverture endommagie Covers restored and/or laminated/ Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculte I I Cover title missing/ Le titre de couverture manque Coloured maps/ Cartes gtographiques en couleur D □ Coloured ink (i.e. n: other than blue or black)/ autre que bleue ou noire) Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ lanches et/ou illustrations en couleur n n n Bound with other material/ Relie avec d'autres documents Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along interior margin/ La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge interieure Blank leaves added during restoration may appear within the text. Ttlif ' ^""^".^«T' ««l»ble, salutary (but salute, -Idt) man tua (-tu), municipal, occupy, petulant, ^culate. Dis is not pronounced diz, except in disaster, discern, dis- ease, dismal, dissolve. So, too, nuncio (nun'-shl-o), but halcyon (hal'-s I-On). Sc before e or i has the sound of s, except in sceptic, scirrhous (sk Sp't Ic, skir'-riis). l i I Sch has the sound of sh in schist, schedule, of sk ii* scheme, school, schooner, scholastic, scholium, scliolar. L, almond, alms (ftmz), calm, falcon, halm (hawm), holm (hom or h0lm),icul de-sac (c5(i-d6-8&k). It is sounded before ot Her affixes than -ing, -ed and er, as in dam-noble, eondem-nation, hym-nal. The letters italicised in the following words must be pro- nounced: Arctic, Antarctic, government, breac? Whenever possible, these have been omitted from filming/ 11 se peut que certairtes pages blanches ajouttes lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela itait possible, ces pages n'ont pas M filmtes. a£ Accented on the second syllable astute, consume, presume (pr S-zum'), denude, pursuit. J3.— Pharmaceutical is pronounced far'-ma-su'-tl-k51. Ex before the accented syllable, beginning with a vowel or h, has the sound of eg Z, as in exhaust. • Here, oa always In re-spelled words, ow is sounded tut in uw L I !! L is generally silent before f, k and m, but not in idle. N damn, damning, conderan-ing, hymn-ing, contemn-er. P (ph), contempt, pneumatics, pneumonia, psalm, ptarmi- gan, psychology, pseud- (as in pseudonym). T often (ttf n), soften (s Of'n), mortgage, apostle, epistle, wrestle, forecastle (fok'-sl), mistletoe (iiilz'-l-to), chasten, fasten, crlisten, chestnut, Christmas, boatswain (bosn), ballet (b&l'-la), haricot.

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