Poly speed dating questions

Posted by / 16-Nov-2017 00:20

that a friend of mine had to create an explicitly non-geeky poly meetup because she was sick of everyone talking about Doctor Who the whole time.

Armed with a drink (2), I wandered into the crowd and tried not to act like a terrified alien.We require each new member to have an identifiable photo & answer all the application questions in a detailed but concise manner.We also expect and require our members to be compassionate & respectful when it comes to interacting with others in the community.We are all to a greater or lesser extent visually judgemental daters. PSD does not consider height weight hair colour or any other visual cues, age notwithstanding. This meant the women had a lot more speed dates over the evening than the men. Participants may have got a little outside their normal screening procedure. However there was still a lot of eye contact going on.

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